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“Healer” Kit

celThis kit is all you need to demonstrate the effectiveness of the healing treatment. Our hardware together with the software bundle will help to reveal illnesses and weaknesses long before their manifestation on the physical condition. This kit is ideal for professionals in bioenergy, Reiki, cosmic energy and healing. You will be able to demonstrate the effectiveness of your treatment by showing the “before” and “after” your Reiki sessions, massage, body-oriented therapy, your signature treatments and individual custom methods. The shape and dimensions of the energy field, assessment of the operation of the 7 main energy centres,  assessment of the impact of cosmoenergetic channels, selection of treatments and homeopathic remedies, - our kit will help to reduce the amounts of energy spent on diagnostics and start the treatment faster. A set of preventive recommendations to minimize health risks is provided as a result of the evaluation. The kit allows assessing mutual influence of groups of people and exploring collective interactions on energy level. Psychosomatic analysis in 4D (with the possibility to announce the body state) is included into the kit. Evaluation of the state of the energy channels (meridians) in 3D extends the analysis and allows influencing them and comparing the results “before” and “after” treatment. Indispensable at home, in the office and on business trips. You can see the medical history of the patients in dynamics with the help of the database.

The kit includes:
“Crownscope” device;
“Crown Registration” program;
 “Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Energy Centres,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • State Correction,
  • Psychoenergy Field 4D,
  • Meridians 3D,
  • Crown Consultant,
  • Database,

“Crown Compatibility” program.

Price: 4775 euro