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“Maximum Possibilities” Kit

The “Maximum Possibilities” kit helps to solve the following tasks:

  • health risk assessment and prevention of illnesses;
  • control and monitoring of the minor changes in psychophysiological state of the patient;
  • selection of healing methods;
  • evaluation of adaptive and energy reserves of the body;
  • revealing hidden psychosomatic problems;
  • evaluation of energy centres;
  • study of the influence of healing, psychological, and spiritual practices on psychoenergetic and physiological state of the patient in dynamics, as well as study of the effect of various healing products and practices on the patient’s state;
  • observation and visual demonstration of positive dynamics of the change in psychoenergy and physiological state of the patient before and after treatments, seminars, custom methods, beauty, haling and spa treatments, sport sessions, as well as before and after exposure to any of bio- and environmental products;
  • correction of health state with the help of biological feedback method;
  • use and integration of the existent crownscopy methods for evaluation of the patient’s state in an integrated screening telemedical netowork, where the results are transferred to the consulting centre and for the creation of the digital “health chart” of the patient.
  • evaluation and control of psychophysiological state remotely with the help of a dedicated additional program system – telemedical network “Telebiomet”.
  • professional selection with the help of psychological typing;
  • solving a series of problems in social life of people with limited abilities and disbalance factors which are caused by disabilities, learning to control your psychoemotional state to improve the inner state, typing with the help of self-control skills, correction of psychoemotional state, integrated evaluation of the body state in real time, prevention of health risks and improvement of life quality for disabled people.

The kit includes:
“Crownscope” device;
“Crown Registration” program;
“Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Energy Centres,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • State Correction,
  • Motivational Analysis,
  • Psychoenergy Field 4D,
  • Meridians 3D,
  • Crown Consultant,
  • Database,
  • Time Series Analysis,

“Crown Biofeedback” program;
“Crown Compatibility” program,
“Crown Print” program,
Software Kit for Telemedical purposes.

Price: 7450 euro