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“Medical” Kit

medThis kit is designed to quickly identify and prevent health risks, as well as to increase stress resistance in staff at large enterprises. It allows for the pre-medical screening of psychophysiological state of the patient, helps to evaluate adaptive reserves of the body and to select means to prevent dysfunctions individually. The dedicated database aids in monitoring the condition of patients “before” and “after” treatments and medications. You will always be able to timely track even the smallest changes in the psychophysiological state in dynamics. The kit also includes a program which helps to correct the patient’s state and improve their self-regulation skills based on the method of biological feedback.

The kit includes:

“Crownscope” device;

“Crown Registration” program;

“Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • Crown Consultant,
  • Database,
  • “Crown Biofeedback” program

Price: 3350 euro