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Crownscope is an optoelectronic device which allows registering the dynamics of the crown image. With the help of Crownscope, the patient is included into the biofeedback contour via a computer. The current crown image (crowngramm) reflecting the person’s Energy and Psychophysiological state is displayed on the monitor. Dedicated software is used to conduct detailed analysis of the Energy state, Psychophysiological state and adaptive reserves. Using self-control skills, the patient can learn to enter a steady state of quiet wakefulness and comfort using a computer, which later can be extended to everyday life.

User manual (pdf, 413 kB).


  • “Crownscope” device;
  • cable;
  • USB cable;
  • audio cable;
  • cover sleeve;
  • test object;
  • user manual.




  • pulse frequencies – 992 Hz and 1984 Hz (double wide pulses of identical power, first pulse is positive);
  • duration of a single pulse at generator output is 100 microsec;
  • duration of luminescence registration – 2 sec;
  • weight – 1 kg;
  • dimensions – 140x190x60 mm;
  • stabilization of environment above the electrode; the device is equipped with a fan for residual gas removal from the electrode and the work area;
  • LED backlighting.