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Using crownscopy requires special software, which has been created by a team of leading experts in medicine, physics, images processing and recognition, and programming.

The "Crown Biofeedback" software package allows direct regulation of person’s energetic and psychophysiological state based on automated biofeedback (BF) obtained with the help of crownscope. The person in this case plays the role of a patient and a therapist simultaneously. This is achieved by presenting the program as a game, which is controlled by variations in person’s own crowngrams recorded within the same program, and does not require special knowledge to learn to control the own state.

The "Crown Laboratory" software package allows to perform a detailed analysis of person’s state on the basis of crowngrams recorded by the "Crown Registration" package, and even determine specific body organs or systems which require attention during the correction of the person's physiological and emotional state.
In this program the Mandel-Voll system of splitting crown discharge images of fingers on the sectors were used.

The "Crown Registration" software package allows to obtain crowngrams from person’s fingers for further processing.

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