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“Psychological” Kit

psihThis kit is designed for professionals in psychology, psychotherapy, practicians in psychology, and life coaches. People who want to know more about themselves and are engaged in deep work on themselves will benefit from using this kit. The kit allows assessing mutual influence of groups of people and exploring collective interactions on energy level. Tools for psychosomatic analysis in 4D are also provided (the patient’s condition is announced). This kit will become a perfect tool for professional selection in large companies and governmental offices.






The kit includes:

“Crownscope” device;

“Crown Registration” program;

“Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • Motivational Analysis,
  • Psychoenergy Field 4D,
  • “Crown Biofeedback” program
  • “Crown Compatibility” program.

Price: 4025 euro