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“Sports” Kit

sportThis kit is designed for people who strive for self-development and control over their health condition. With our kit, you will always see the changes in energy state after training, determine exercises which are more appropriate for you, monitor the increase of adaptive reserves of the body after sports sessions and see how effective your trainings are.  The kit allows assessing mutual influence of groups of people and exploring collective interactions on energy level. The hardware is compact so you can use it anywhere you want – at home, during your training sessions, outdoors and on vacation.






The kit includes:
“Crownscope” device;
“Crown Registration” program;
 “Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Database,
  • State Correction,
  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • Time Series Analysis,
  • “Crown Biofeedback” program
  •  “Crown Compatibility” program.

Price: 4175 euro