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“Standard” Kit

The “Standard” kit helps to solve the following tasks:

  • monitoring and control of psychophysiological, energy and adaptive state of the patient;
  • health risk assessment;
  • selection of healing methods;
  • revealing hidden psychosomatic problems;
  • observation and visual demonstration of the dynamics of changes in psychoenergy and physiological state of the patient before and after treatments, seminars and custom methods;
  • evaluation of energy centres;
  • evaluation of the impact of spiritual practices on the patient’s energy state in dynamics.

The kit includes:
“Crownscope” device;
“Crown Registration” program;
“Crown Laboratory” program with the following modules:

  • Energy State,
  • Energy Distribution,
  • Energy Centres,
  • Adaptation,
  • Crown Brain 3D,
  • State Correction,
  • Psychoenergy Field 4D,
  • Crown Consultant,
  • Database,

 “Crown Biofeedback” program.

 Price: 4150 euro