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Articles for 2012

1. Krizhanovsky E.V., Marchenkov A.A. Innovative approaches to assessment and adjustment of psychological and adaptation capacity of professionals in the Ministry of Defence of Russian Federation and other departments where the legislation implies military service. – Proceedings of the 64 STC, 2012, St. Petersburg.: Politehnica Service.

2. Krizhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G., Chistov A.V., Marchenkov A.A. Creating intercollegiate telemedicine systems for consultation and diagnostics. – Issue of the International Academy of Science for Higher Education, 1, 2012, p.105-113.

3. Zubatkina I.S., Dobrodeeva L.K, Malakhova M.Y., Kryzhanovsky E.V., Zubatkina O.V. Entropy as a factor in evaluation of immune status. – “Bulletin of St. Petersburg Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (MAPE)” in press.


Articles for 2011

1. Kryzhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G., Kvashneva K.V., Zhivikhin K.A, Chistov A.V. New multichannel system based on near-infrared spectroscopy for functional studies of the brain. – Biotehnosfera. 2011. #3 (15), S. 44-48.

2. Zubatkina I.S., Dobrodeeva L.K, Popov A.A, Kryzhanovsky E.V. Entropy model of immunological resistance. – Pomeranian University Herald. Series: Natural Sciences. 2011. #4. Pp. 66-70.

3. Adzhemov A.S., Kryzhanovsky E.V. Screening system for telemetric monitoring of adaptation reserves of staff in real time. – ARMTELEMED: 1st Armenian International Congress on Telemedicine and Electronic healthcare, 14-16 October 2011, Proceedings, p.61-65.


Articles for 2010

1. Grigoryan A.G., Drozdov D.A., Kryzhanovsky E.V., Zhivikhin K.A. Development of computer games based on biological feedback. – Proceeding of the 4th International Congress NeuroBioTelecom 2010, St. Petersburg: Teledom, 108-112.

2. Kryzhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G., Chistov A.V. Development of educational software based on biofeedback. – Proceedings of the 63 STC, 2010, St. Petersburg.: Politehnica Service, 179-183.

3. Zubatkina O.V., Popov A.A., Salnikov N.A., Kryzhanovsky E.V. Dynamics of entropy as a measure of reactivity to the timed inspiratory capacity. – Pomeranian University Herald. Series: Natural Sciences. 2010. #4. Pp. 55-58.

4. Bigday E.V., Samoylov V.O, Bkusova O.O., Kryzhanovsky E.V., Dudich B.A., Panov V.A. Objective assessment criteria for the transition of disordered motor activity in the olfactory flagella into ordered activity. // In: Biophysics. 2010. № 5 (55). - S. 886-891.


Articles for 2009

1. Krizhanovsky E.V., Tursunova K.B. “Application of biofeedback techniques based on detection of skin luminescence in electromagnetic field of high voltage in different groups of patients in rehabilitation period.” – Proceedings of the VI International Congress “Restorative Medicine and Rehabilitation 2009”, Moscow, 2009.

2. Krizhanovsky E.V., Tursunova K.B., Grigoryan A.G., Drozdov D.A. “Application of biofeedback techniques based on detection of skin luminescence in electromagnetic field of high voltage to amend psychophysiological state of the patient.” //In: “Medical Physics”, #3 (43), 2009, p.56-63.

3. Krizhanovsky E.V., Tursunova K.B., Choong L.K., Ping N.C. The Hypoglycemic Properties of BAE Maca Max Preparation, Online Journal of Biological Sciences, 2009, Vol.9(1), pp. 17-20.

4. Krizhanovsky E.V., Tursunova K.B. Biofeedback technique based on detection of skin luminescence in electromagnetic field of high voltage for correction of psychophysiological state of the patient. //In: Mental health. 2009. #11. Pp. 68-70.


Articles for 2008

1. Krizhanovsky E.V. “The foundations of Crownscopy. Analysis of energy and adaptation reserves of the body. – SPb: Polytechnica, 2008.

2. Krizhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G., Tursunova K.B. Crownscopy method as a modern technology for the analysis of the patient’s energy and psychophysical state. – “Commercial Biotechnology” online magazine, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2008.

3. Krizhanovsky E.V. Crownscopy – new life of the “Kirlian Effect”. – SPb: “Sudaryna”, 2008.

4. Krizhanovsky E.V. Crownscopy as modern technology of valeometry. //In: II International Congress of healthcare technology, Yalta, 28-30 April 2008 - Simferopol: LLC "Publishing Next", 2008. - P.222-225.


Articles for 2007

1. Krizhanovsky E.V., Grigoryan A.G. “GDV Biological Feedback method”.


Articles for 2006

1. Sviridov L.P., Krizhanovsky E.V., et al. “The study of antibiotic efficacy of the “Micro” medicine in an experimental model of anthrax infection”.

2. Borisova M.V., Krizhanovsky E.V., Tkalich V.L. “Estimation of the error of experimental results in the study with the method of GDV bioelectrography”.

3. Krizhanovsky E.V., Borisova M.V., Lim K.C., Chan T.S. “Assessing the impact of mineral waters on the patient’s condition with the method of GDV bioelectrography”.

4. Babitsky M.A., Korotkina S.A., Korotkov K.G., Krizhanovsky E.V., Muromtseev D.I. “Design of systems to analyse dynamic grayscale images obtained with the method of GDV bioelectrography”.

5. Stepanov A.V., Sviridov L.P., Korotkina S.A., Akhmeteli G.G., Krizhanovsky E.V. “Using the GDV technique to diagnose allergic etiology”.

6. Gagua P.O., et al. “Using the GDV bioelectrography method in Oncology”.

7. Gursky V.V., Krizhanovsky E.V., Korotkina S.A., Shirokov D.M. “Features of GDV-grams of the patients with various nosologies”.

8. Gursky V.V., Krizhanovsky E.V., Korotkina S.A., Volkov A.V., Telesheva T.Y. “Application of GDV for diagnostics”.

9. Zubatkina O.V., Krizhanovsky E.V. “Application of GDV bioelectrography in integrated evaluation of metabolic correction”.

10. Listopadov Y.I., Krizhanovsky E.V., et al. “Method of GDV bioelectrography in the study of liquids subjected to electromagnetic field ”.

11. Korotkov K.G., Krizhanovsky E.V., Muromtsev D.I., et al. “Practical foundations of the Gas Discharge Visualisation (GDV) method”.

12. Korotkov K.G., Krizhanovsky E.V., Korotkova A. K., Krylov B., Belobaba O. “Application of the expert computer system of diagnostic-consultative type”.